Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oxford Day 5

Thursday, July 11, was full of glorious celebrations because I didn't need to work on my King Lear paper!

Oxford Day 5: The Glorious Day

I enjoyed a glorious cooked breakfast, and in the afternoon, I went to the Ashmolean museum with some friends. The Ashmolean has around 4 (four, cuatro) floors worth o' stuff, including coins, statues, guns, jars, casts of statues, swords, claymores, tapestries, and people looking it all. There was also a piece o' pottery that said (roughly translated): Blessed is the man who is content to drink. Fair enough, sir. Fair enough. I will share some photos...won't that be exciting?

This is a memorial to some church leaders who were martyred.

This is Oxford City Centre: Home to Lots of Buses.

These are the cool kids walking to the Ashmolean.

The Ashmolean

I spent all of my attention span reading about coins. Then I realized there were three more floors to discover. But then all of the possessions of all of the dead people made me think about writing a song, so I had to run back to my room and write it.
On a loose piece of parchment, no doubt.

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