Tales of Travel

Brasenose College! In Oxford, England!
I went there! You should read about it!

The Eiffel Tower! In Paris, France!
I went there! You should read about it!

Honors at Oxford Trip, Summer 2011

A Fellow at Oxford (but not an Oxford Fellow)
Oxford Day 2: Christ Church and Breakfast
Oxford Day 3: Chalkhorse, Roman Fort, and a Dragon-Slaying
Ben, Ben, and R2-D2
Oxford Day 5: The Ashmolean Museum
Oxford Day 6: Harry Potter
Oxford Day 7: London
Oxford Day 8: Shakespeare
Oxford Days 9 and 10: Pub Crawl
Tolkien's Grave and the Eagle and Child
Exeter College and Blenheim Palace
Addison's Walk
Magdalen College
C. S. Lewis, the Kilns, and Holy Trinity Church
The Imperial War Museum
One Last Hurrah

Oxford Strikes Back, Summer 2012

Oxford Strikes Back: Day 1
Day 2: Musical Chairs and Umbrellas
Day 3: Eggy Bread and Trout
Day 4: Flowers, Mud, and Independence Day
Day 5: The Beatles and London Bridge (Mind the Gap!)
Days 6-8: Scotland, Rain, and Haggis (Crivens!)
Days 9-10: A Flaming Torch and a Classic Bath
Days 11-12: The Tower of London and McDonald's
Day 13: Twenty-One Years-Old in PARIS
Day 14: Coldplay at the Louvre and Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower (Bastille Day!)
Day 15: Notre Dame, Napoleon, and Trilingual Ice Cream
Day 16: A Bored Gargoyle, Locked Bridges, and Optional Immigration
Day 17: Umbrella Man and Harry Potter (Get Sorted!)
Day 18: Farewell: A Toast to the London Bridge
Day 19: Where C. S. Lewis Walked
Day 20: Harry Potter, Pirate Staircases, and The End