Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Last Hurrah

On July 30, my friend Aubrey and I took the bus from High Street, Oxford to Heathrow Airport. Unfortunately, neither of us knew which gate we were supposed to be at. When I checked online, the information that I had thought was for Heathrow was actually for DFW.

Thankfully, some high school students from America were taking the bus to Heathrow as well. They had stayed at Brasenose the same time we had. They were going to Gate 3, so we just went with them. That was a good choice, because Gate 3 is the American Airlines gate.

We got to the airport 3 hours early, which is fine with me, because I don't care to ever miss a flight. We watched Dr. Who to pass the time. Then we met up with Erica and Erica and took the flight back home across the ocean. It tested my attention span quite a bit. 9+ hours in a plane is not fun, especially since I didn't sleep.

I feel worse for the little kids on the flight though. But we all survived, and we got back home in the U.S. of A. Back to Texas, land of brown and 100+ degree weather. Quite different from the green hills and 60-70 degree weather of Oxford, England.

But I'm not going to end my Oxford blogs* by talking about my flight home. I'm going out of chronological order one last time. I'm throwing one last hurrah!

*And just because I end my Oxford blogs doesn't mean I've ended my England blogs. Ha!

One Last Hurrah!

On the morning of Thursday, July 28, the day that I did the C. S. Lewis tour, I visited Saint Mary's Cathedral with Kayley and Sarah. Saint Mary's is where C. S. Lewis delivered his "Weight of Glory" sermon. It's
the church of Oxford University.

So we climbed up the tall tower, which overlooks Radcliffe Square. Saint Mary's Church isn't as tall as Magdalen Tower, but it's still very tall.

Here's a shot of Saint Mary's Cathedral from two weeks earlier.

Kayley climbs the spiral staircase, trying not to hold onto the sketchy, sweaty, damp rope.

All Soul's College, the graduate school that is not open to all souls.

Brasenose College

The Radcliffe Camera

Looking east down High Street. You can see Magdalen Tower in top center.

Shops on High Street

Christ Church College

Bonus Ben's Cookies!

This is Ben's Cookies, the super-duper-awesome³ cookies place at the Covered Market in Oxford.

I see what you did there.

Oh Look I'm at the Hogwarts Infirmary!

This is at the Divinity School in Oxford. It served as the Hogwarts Infirmary for the Harry Potter movies.

(My Last Hurrah!)

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