Thursday, August 25, 2011

Magdalen College

On Tuesday, July 26, I visited Magdalen Tower at Magdalen College, which is where C. S. Lewis taught as a professor. Magdalen College is one of the oldest and most well-endowed colleges at Oxford University.

I was taken aback by the confined space of the winding stairs that led to the top of Magdalen Tower. People with claustrophobia would have panicked for sure. The tower is around 144 feet tall. The view was worth it, and I shared the moment with my Shakespeare classmates.

Atop Magdalen Tower with my Shakespeare classmates.

This is the photogenic English Contemporary Novel class, taught by Professor Wright. They're the reason we were able to go up here--because their tutor was from Magdalen.

Pat is very pleased, and he indicates his pleasure by giving the "thumps-up."

A view of Magdalen College from the Tower.

The High Street, as seen from the Tower.

Nice view. Long drop.

Here I am, holding the key to Magdalen Tower. I tried a dramatic pose, because it is quite an honor to hold the key to Magdalen Tower. Sometimes humor works, sometimes it fails miserably and people roll their eyes and say things.
Pssh, things.

This time, humor worked.

A glorious green lawn.

Magdalen Tower

Those windows with the red flowers were where C. S. Lewis stayed. I was excited to walk on the same grounds as the see the outside of Jack's old room.

A hallway underneath Lewis' room.

I would have loved to stayed longer at Magdalen College, but it was soon dinner time, so we left to enjoy another delicious and glorious meal at Brasenose Dining Hall.

Farewell Dinner

We had our Farewell Dinner on Wednesday night of July 27. My last tutorial was Wednesday afternoon, so I could stop being silly and stressing myself out over papers that I shouldn't have stressed out over. I shall miss discussing Shakespeare's plays with my tutor, Ben.

We all dressed up real smart and purty for our Farewell Dinner. We even took some photographs.

My Shakespeare Class, taught by Dr. Velie. One of my classmates bought Dr. Velie a blanket with all of the Oxford college crests, and we all signed it.

All the beautiful people from the University of Oklahoma Honors at Oxford 2011 Program.

Thumbs-up. Don't Panic.

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  1. I should add that, at some point this week (I think), we went to the Natural History museum and Sarah got eaten by a dinosaur.