Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adam Young and Owl City

My friend Brendan just shot me a link to this Christianity Today interview with Adam Young, and then I read this one from a publication called Aquarian Weekly.

Some people can't stand Owl City, others can't get enough. I regularly read Adam Young's Owl City Blog, and I personally admire Adam for a few reasons.

1) He's a normal guy, just like me, and he makes no claims to any celebrity-status or godlike talent. He's doing what he loves to do, and he's getting paid to do it.
That is my career goal. That's what I want to do my entire life: get paid to do what I love doing.

2) Adam is a Christian, and that flows naturally into and through his music, blog posts, and life. Some of his songs are as upbeat and non-theological as you can get, some of his songs have Christian themes and allusions, and occasionally he releases a cover of a Christian song--like In Christ Alone or How Deep the Father's Love For Us.

The idea of "beating someone over the head with a Bible" doesn't factor in anywhere--nor does being ashamed of his faith. He's a Christian making art, and some of it is "Christian art," and some of it is "art," but it is all art made by a Christian. Like it or leave it. I like it.

3) I like Owl City's music.

4) From his blog posts and music, Adam seems like a hopeless romantic and an emotional person, and I'm a hopeless romantic and an emotional person.
Big difference between me and Adam is that I love the spotlight and I can be very, very extroverted, and Adam repeatedly declares that he is an introvert.

I'm looking forward to hearing Owl City's newest album, All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Hopefully, one day Adam will be listening to one of my music albums...or reading one of my novels.