Monday, January 24, 2011

Glorious Pencillings and Crayonings

I think some of you have seen this before. I was weeding out my old brickshelf and majhost accounts, and I stumbled upon these two pieces.
I did this piece in the summer of 2009, a week or so before I went to college.
The protagonist of the piece is standing on the shore, looking out at the ocean and the stars. The stars symbolize hope, but they're so far away.
The ocean is inviting and deadly.
The protagonist is listening tot his headphones and crying. He knows he has a problem: he has a black heart. But he thinks that he is alone.
What he cannot see, because he is consumed with his own problems, is that he is surrounded by others--each with headphones and a black heart.
And the text at the bottom, written in elegant crayon, reads:
Am I the only one who has felt this way?
or am I just selfish?
It's quite possible that they could help each other, if they realized they weren't alone.
Or maybe, a more sinister thought perhaps, the others in the water are already gone--and the protagonist (can you be the protagonist of a painting--er, pencilling?) will suffer their fate if he doesn't get a hold of himself.
I think the stars, by the way, spell something...but I can't remember what. :P
Another grim one with oodles of symbolism. He has a black heart, his tongue is a flame, he is shunning the light, and there's blood on his hands.
"From where comes this evil?"