Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not old enough to be an adult.

The other day*, I told my mom that I was going somewhere. Even though I was 18, she asked me, "Are there going to be any adults there?"

*As I've gathered from my friends, "the other day" can have a very loose interpretation. It can mean anytime from yesterday to seventeen years ago. In this case, it's about two years ago.

Some people are under the impression that 18 year-olds are adults.
Not my mom.

"There's going to be a former Marine (and current statetrooper), an Air Force Academy cadet (and current second lieutenant in the Air Force), a fireman, a 19 year-old in nursing school, and a few other 18 year-olds," I responded.

"But are there going to be any adults?" she repeated.

Some people are under the impression that people over 20 with military experience, and people with emergency medical training are adults, are adults, but apparently not my mom--?
She must be joking.

"Mom, those are all adults," I said, but I knew it was useless. We were clearly working under different definitions.

What does to take to be an adult under her definition? And is she the only adult (or is she an adult?) who thinks that way?

Adults. Maybe you have to drink out of a hoof to be one.

Maybe you're not an adult if you have to ask. Or maybe you're an adult if you're married and you have two kids. Having one kid is probably not enough, but if you have two kids, that probably proves that you have guts and you're an adult. Two of them can team up and tie you up--so if you're tough enough to keep 'em both licked, then you're probably an adult. As an adult, you must be capable of striking fear into the little hearts of your offspring.

But seriously, when are you an adult? When are you finally old enough for adults to stop telling you that you're too young to get married? What's the magical age or rite of passage? Do you need to be financially independent? Do you have to watch the Weather Channel or take naps?

Some people say that you're an adult when you're 18, but my mom and I don't agree.
Maybe you're an adult when you stop getting your opinions from your mom.

I wouldn't know.


  1. I definitely relate to this. I especially liked that last line, "Maybe you're an adult when you stop getting your opinions from your mom."

    BTW, I'm following your blog! Keep it up!

  2. I think one *should* be an adult by the time they are eighteen, but very few people in the modern West are.