Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Men At Arms

Today I finished reading Men At Arms, another Discworld book about Sam Vimes, Carrot, Nobby, Colon, and the other entertaining members of the Ankh-Morpork Watch.

This is the book that introduces Angua (a woman with a secret...and an "Understanding" with Carrot that neither quite understands...), Detritus (a troll), and a host of other colorful characters that get conscripted into the Watch.

Someone in Ankh-Morpork has a "gonne," a strange tubular device that shoots balls of lead with great precision at great distances to great damaging effect.

No one can figure out what it is, or who exactly is using it.

Murders are being committed, assassins from the Assassin's Guild are suspected of assassinating, and assassins from the Assassin's Guild are unexpectedly suspected of having been assassinated.

Vimes has to lead the Watch to save the day again - but he's getting retiring to get married. And the Watch has just been disbanded.

Who's going to step up to save the city? Maybe Carrot, who has a crown-shaped birthmark, a regal presence, and a kingly charisma that draws everyone to him...

This was another exciting, entertaining, amusing Discworld story. Even better because it introduces characters like Angua and Detritus.

I'll be taking a short Terry Pratchett break (sad day) because I need to get some reading done for a class in the fall, but I shall eagerly await my next Discworld novel.

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